Underage DUI in Colorado

What are the DUI laws & penalties for someone under 21 in Colorado?

If a chemical test shows that an under 21 driver has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .02% or higher, then the police can cite the driver for driving under the influence (DUI).

What are the penalties if the driver is under 21?

If it is the driver’s first drunk driving conviction and their BAC is .02 to .05%, the traditional penalty is a 3 month drivers license suspension, along with potential other penalties, fines and community service. If the the BAC is above .05%, there are typically adult consequences including imprisonment, fines, and additional license suspension.

If it is the second underage drunk driving conviction for the driver and their BAC is .02 to .05%, a 6 month license suspension will be implemented, as well potential other penalties, fines and community service. A BAC above .05% will traditionally trigger adult consequences that include imprisonment, fines and additional license suspension.

Other Potential Charges for Underage DUI’s

In addition to the DUI, an underage drinker could also be charged with the following (provided the situation existed):

  • distribution of alcohol to other minors riding in the vehicle
  • minor in possession (MIP)
  • soliciting alcohol
  • child endangerment violations if there were other minors being driven in the car at the time,
  • possession of false identification (if a fake ID was used to purchase the alcohol consumed)
  • moving violations

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