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Michael Sheehan represents clients charged with all types of criminal offenses – from relatively minor traffic matters to homicides and sex assaults. He has tried over sixty cases to jury verdict and has a proven track record of success in the courtroom.

How to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in CO

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I’ve been handling criminal defense

cases for 20 years I practiced

exclusively criminal defense and DUI

defense and I have an emphasis in my

practice on domestic violence cases DUI

cases and sex assault cases


a person hiring a criminal defense

lawyer should be looking for a lawyer

who’s experienced not only handling

criminal defense cases or DUI cases but

also handling those types of cases in

the specific jurisdiction where that

person has been charged because in doing

so that person will be hiring a lawyer

who has established some credibility

with judges in that jurisdiction and

established some rapport with

prosecutors in that jurisdiction



Why Should You Hire Michael Sheehan As Your Attorney?

Getting charged with a crime can turn a person’s world upside down. A conviction could mean the loss of a job, separation from family, and jail time. A conviction stays on a person’s record permanently and can forever change how a person is perceived by the public. Simply put, the stakes could not be any higher.

The odds of successfully defending a criminal case improve dramatically with the right criminal defense attorney. The right attorney respects his clients and gives them a voice. The right attorney has a strong work ethic and believes in the constitutional right to a fair trial. The right attorney is an experienced criminal law specialist. The right attorney will level the playing field.

Michael Sheehan represents clients charged with all types of criminal offenses – from relatively minor traffic matters to homicides and sex assaults. He has tried over sixty cases to jury verdict and has a proven track record of success in the courtroom. Michael Sheehan has tried cases in every county in the Denver metro area and has earned the respect of prosecutors, judges, and fellow criminal defense attorneys.He understands that successfully defending a criminal case requires a thorough defense investigation, the ability to identify and litigate complex legal issues, and the willingness to take cases to trial. Perhaps most importantly, Michael Sheehan does not view any of his clients as “just another case”. He is able to empathize with his clients, put himself in their shoes, and see the case from the client’s point of view.

In addition to his work in the courtroom, Michael Sheehan has created two tip sheets, “Stages of a Criminal Case” and “Six Things To Know If You Are Under Investigation”. Mr. Sheehan is a member of the Fellows of the American Bar Foundation, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, The National Trial Lawyers, and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. Mr. Sheehan is board-certified in the area of criminal trial law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.  In addition, Mr. Sheehan has been selected for recognition by SuperLawyers, has a perfect rating of 10 out of 10 on the attorney website AVVO, and has achieved a rating of ‘AV Preeminent’ by Martindale-Hubbell.

What Our Clients Say

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Let me start out by saying, Michael is one of the most kind, patient, and knowledgeable people I have met. He was able to work through my case with ease and really took all of my stress away during the process. He was able to provide me with amazing advice and allowed me to think through any decision that I had. It can be really tough going through legal issues and Michael is someone you will want by your side! So thank you Michael for being a huge support through this!
I reached out to Mike when false charges were put against me, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Mike fought tirelessly on my behalf, and thanks to his dedication and expertise, my case was dismissed. Highly recommend his services!
I was referred to Michael through a mutual friend and I was very grateful to have his guidance throughout my time working with him. To echo what others have said, he is very easy to work with and talk to. I never felt uninformed and he was excellent with communications. His extensive knowledge and experience with the law helped tremendously in guiding me and my family through an unexpectedly long and drawn out legal process. Easy 5 star rating!
Michael is immensely personable, easy to speak with, and very supportive. Michael is easy to contact and he replies promptly. I really enjoyed his pricing and felt he had the best prices compared to other attorneys. He offered different options to pay and was quite accommodating. His patient and listening demeanor are quite welcome in the legal world.
The work Michael did on my case was exemplary. He was quick to respond and kept me informed throughout the case. He put my fears at rest and eased my concerns. I was grateful for his guidance and direction along the way. I would highly reccommend him to anyone seeking legal advice or representation.
Five stars! Mike is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Rest assured, with Mike's expertise and guidance, you're in excellent hands. His dedication and knowledge make navigating legal matters a smooth and successful experience. I highly recommend Mike to anyone in need of legal representation.
I would like to highly recommend Michael Sheehan should you need an attorney. Naturally, hiring an attorney is expensive, but I feel it was money well spent to have such a knowledgeable attorney in my corner looking out for my best interest. He has an excellent balance of professionalism, while also being personable, which made me feel comfortable. Communication was convenient as he was open to use email, text messages, phone calls, and in-person meetings. This helped put anxiety related to my case at ease since any questions and information were discussed in a timely manner, he even reached out over the holidays and weekends. He was also great at communicating when to expect to hear from him next, so I was never left feeling like my case was forgotten among other clients’ cases. I feel like he genuinely cared about me as a person and the outcome of my case. He was always respectful and never judgmental, which made this entire overwhelming experience manageable. He took his time going over the details of my case and advised me in a sound direction that aided in helping me achieve the best possible outcome. Once my case was completed, he encouraged me to reach out afterwards with any questions I may have in the future. I am so thankful for Michael helping me get through the most difficult time of my life with his kindness and legal expertise. I am confident you would be in great hands as I was if you were to hire Mr. Sheehan for legal representation.
Michael is a great choice to help navigate complex and stressful legal situations giving the best advice and battle plan to get the best possible results and help you feel at ease throughout the process. Highly recommended!
Michael Sheehan is a phenomenal attorney. He exemplifies the highest level of integrity, professionalism, subject matter knowledge, and legal skills.I came to meet him when a family friend and young professional needed the best attorney possible. She had been put in the most precarious of circumstances by her workplace supervisors. They had undermined her and her efforts to meet all of their unrealistic expectations and requirements. Ultimately, when she self-reported an omission in a report (made under duress), they egregiously accused her of forgery.Thankfully, Michael took her case and negotiated on her behalf, completely changing the outcome of her case. Thanks to him, his dedication, legal knowledge and skills, this young person's sense of hope has been restored. And just as important, thanks to him, the trajectory of her life and career will not be permanently impacted.Michael genuinely cares about his clients. He sees their humanity and treats them with the utmost respect, providing guidance throughout the entire legal process. In so doing, he models the attitude and regard other participants in the legal system should accord his clients.Lastly, he diligently and ethically accounts for the time he spends on his cases. He actually reimburses unearned retainer funds, as opposed to some lawyers who prefer to engage in needless or pointless busywork to justify not only keeping as much as they can but ramping up costs.Again, Michael Sheehan is a phenomenal attorney and, overall, a phenomenal human being. If you want/need the best legal representation from a seasoned, skilled, and knowledgeable attorney--who embodies dignity and integrity--Michael Sheehan is the absolute best.
It has been almost a year since my case. During this time, my mental state was severely damaged and I couldn't sleep well all night. I always feel that this is not Michael's level and there may be multiple language barriers. I mistakenly thought that signing the agreement was half the battle. What I didn't expect was that I would need to attend a 9-month domestic violence treatment course. Tuition is equivalent to hiring another defense attorney. My defense attorney, Michael, was supposed to tell the prosecutor and the judge about me at trial. (Non-citizen, unable to work legally) If I couldn't pay the tuition, I wouldn't have finished the case. I don't know the point of having a non-violent person take this course. Put couples who were already on the right track into trouble again.
My relative had an unfortunate and serious allegation against him. The DA was being unreasonable even though the evidence was weak. Michael took the case to a jury trial and won the case. He was communicative, comforting and confident throughout the process. I hope I never need a defense attorney again but I would definitely use Michael and would highly recommend him for any criminal proceeding.
Mike is a top notch attorney. We couldn't have asked for better communication and service. We slept better knowing that he was on my son's side. You are in excellent hands with Mr. Sheehan!
I can’t thank Michael enough for helping me through such a difficult time and for his exceptional legal expertise. In addition to winning our case, Mr. Sheehan explained everything so I understood all of our options and he was so kind. His profound knowledge of the law, attention to detail, and commitment to my case led to the judge overturning a very unfavorable plea deal. Before we hired Michael, I was frustrated and overwhelmed by the process. It was a blessing to have someone on my side who was so compassionate and dedicated. I highly recommend Michael to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation.
I had such a great experience. When I got into my motorcycle accident and was not able to do much on my own, Mr. Sheehan helped me out with everything. Constantly staying up to date with me and giving me advice on my next steps to take while getting all the information to make sure I got everything I was owed. He is always willing to help and go the extra mile to make sure you're taken care of. Definitely would give him a higher review if I could. Highly recommend to everyone.
We had a difficult legal situation that needed an expert and after our first consultation with Micheal, we knew he was the right lawyer for us. We found Micheal to be caring, professional, incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and a clear & straight forward communicator. He also has all the right relationships and contacts that allowed him to provide the appropriate resources and recommendations for our specific situation. In the end, Micheal was able to help us achieve the outcome we desired and we couldn’t be happier with the services he provided!
If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing a lawyer in this sue happy world, I highly recommend Micheal Sheehan to represent you! Very Professional, understanding, knowledgeable, and just all around a good guy.
Michael did exactly what he said he would do and that’s more than I can ask in todays society. Top notch work Michael and you will have many referrals in the future.Thanks
I would like to say thank you so much to Michael and his hard work, I had 1 felony and 2 misdemeanor cases and was looking at years in prison. Michael made me feel comfortable and I didn’t hesitate to hire him, all three of my cases were resolved and I am pleased with the outcomes of my cases and im in control of my future. Michael will work hard for you and won’t ignore any of your questions he’s detailed and knowledgeable in his field 👍🏽 Thank you Michael for your hard work.
I thought Michael’s legal counsel was below par. Michael gave minimum effort and was slow to respond to multiple emails. In hindsight, hiring Michael was the worst decision and I will forever regret hiring Michael’s legal firm.
Response from the owner: Jeff - I am sorry you are unhappy with the way your wife’s case was resolved. I was surprised to read your review, as it was my understanding that the matter resolved satisfactorily on August 28, and I hadn’t received any negative feedback from her. I immediately followed up with your wife after I saw your review. She has options, and if you, or your wife, would like to discuss those options further, please give me a call. Your satisfaction, and the satisfaction of all my clients, is always my top priority.
Michael is a great attorney! My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the way our case was handled. He is a very honest lawyer! Thank you Mike!!
I had the distinct pleasure of having Michael Sheehan guide me with my case in Arapahoe County. He was extremely professional, thorough, compassionate, and communicated effectively. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services.
Michael was retained as my Attorney for an unfortunate legal situation I found myself in. Being unfamiliar with the system and legal process, Michael set me at ease and helped by explaining in detail each process we went through. He was able to get a fair and reasonable outcome for my case. He is an active listener and puts the needs of his client at the forefront. I would not hesistate to highly recommend him.
Mr. Sheehan is excellent! He took up my case with very short notice and immediately delivered with top notch skill and expertise.
Unbelievable professionalism, courtesy, intelligence and knowledge. My case was not complex but could have gotten out of hand very quickly. I was having lost sleep and anxiety that I didn't know anyone could ever have. Michael went above and beyond to ensure my life did not spiral out of control. His knowledge and experience with the workings of the law are exemplary. I can't thank you enough for resolving my case.
Mr. Sheehan listened diligently to me and treated me with kindness and respect. He was knowledgeable and kept me thoroughly informed. He understood the stress I was under and still managed to do a great job.Machelle Grant
Michael helped my son through a difficult time. Michael walked us through every step of the way. We were extremely pleased with the outcome of the court case. I would recommend Michael and if ever needed would not hesitate to call on his law firm.
I was apprehensive about what lawyer to choose when I needed one, but after reading the reviews for Mr. Sheehan I chose him. Mr. Sheehan was upfront and honest about everything during my case including but not limited to pricing. He was there to help me every step of the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a defense attorney.
Michael recently helped me out with a difficult legal situation. Before our initial consultation I was extremely anxious. Michael did a great job of explaining the law and what I could expect. Throughout the process, he was patient and supportive. As a result of his diligence we were able to achieve a good result under the circumstances. I highly recommend Michael to anyone facing a criminal matter.
Responsive, makes process easy to understand and is committed to his clients. Would highly recommend.
Michael Sheehan worked on my case with a professional approach. He's well versed on the laws here in Colorado. If you ever need his services please hire him. My case was very stressful for my. Counselor Sheehan thanks for all you do because I'm forever grateful.
Michael handled my case professionally, he communicated well, and the result he obtained was in my best interest. I highly recommend him as a defense attorney.
Michael walked us through a lot complex issues, offered us options, shared what was a likely outcome, advised on positive actions to be taking now, and aggressively worked with the DA on our behalf. Likely total costs were shared up front as well. Highly recommended.
I wanted to take a moment and share our experience using Michael Sheehan for a court case for my son. It was for a very serious traffic ticket with a lot on the line. I had no prior experience using an attorney so I was a little nervous in the process of finding and choosing someone. I knew Michael was an amazing fit from the very first conversation and he was super knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. On the day of court he was great with my son, very forthcoming and professional and communicative. We were pleased with the outcome and very glad we hired Michael.
Michael was very attentive, informative and helped things move along quickly in a dark time and he prices his services unreasonably low. I'm not sure how he does what he does and stays afloat.
Intelligent and caring individual
Michael is hands down the best he was referred to me by a bondsman and was the best decision I’ve had had a very intense case and he honestly made me worry about it less as I knew he was doing everything he could to make sure I got the best outcome always made sure I was okay with what he was recommending and always explaining everything in good detail to help me understand he will always be my go to and will be recommending him to friends and family if they have problems
Mike was extremely helpful and professional. He is very fair with his prices and is determined to fight for you in any way he can. I would highly recommend.
This man is one of the best lawyers I have ever had he's very law knowledgeable and very aggressive when taking on your case hands down this man knows the law and will give a 110% to fighting your case. Thank you Mr. Sheehan.
Mike did explain the case detail very well and always has been available for any questions. Nice working with Mike.
Michael is excellent, he cares for you and will help you right away. You will feel better after talking to him and clearly is there for you.
Michael has been the best lawyer I have ever talked too. His confidence, demeanor, and straightforward personality gives you hope in whatever you’re going through. I can’t thank him enough for even taking the time out of his day and actually acknowledging my situation and putting his all in my case from the start!
Highly recommend!! Michael Sheehan is an excellent lawyer and a great person all around! I had never been in any trouble before and I was freaked out. He was comforting, understanding and listened to everything I had to say. He was so willing to work with my mental health issues. I felt assuredI had hired the right attorney. Thank you Michael!
Michael came highly recommended by an associate’s family attorney. Because of his experience and diligence, I am confident I received the best possible outcome to my case. I’ll echo the sentiments of all his other glowing reviews, he genuinely cares and made the process as painless as possible. Michael: Thank you.
Michael is an excellent attorney. If you want a true professional in your corner that will guide you through a difficult time and give you sound legal advise, he's your guy. He's worth every penny. After the first conversation I had with him, I slept better at night. I will recommend him for any friends and family in a tough spot.
Michael was extremely helpful working my case, effectively explained the possible scenarios and which he thought were probable, handled my case professionally and attained the best possible outcome. He is a very supportive, capable and knowledgable lawyer! I feel lucky to have been able to find him to help me out.
Mr. Sheehan is a great attorney. He was very helpful in a bad time in my life. He was always available if I had any questions or concerns and the rare times when he was not available he returned my calls or emails very quickly . He made a bad experience less nerve racking and for that I am thankful. I would highly refer Mike Sheehan to anyone in need of an attorney. Thanks for all the help Mike!
Amazing attorney, always stayed in contact with me throughout my entire case. Extremely professional and experienced. I highly recommend Michael Sheehan.
Michael Sheehan was incredibly professional, responsive and respectful. I really appreciated his demeanor. It can feel so shaming to have to deal with something legally and be on a the 'criminal' side of a legal situation, but Mike was perfectly respectful and reassuring. I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you so much!
We hired Michael after a misunderstanding. Michael was very understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable. He communicated with us regularly and answered any and all questions we had promptly. His professionalism, knowledge and efficiency is unparalleled. Hopefully we never have the need for a lawyer but are very grateful we would know where to turn to. His expertise and relentless advocating helped get the case dismissed. Thank you Michael.
Mr. Sheehan is about the most top notch defense attorney as you'll find in Colorado. I was in dire need of professional representation and with his help we won and got results. His professionalism, sincerity, and mostly, his above and beyond attitude is what struck me as, this is the GUY. He was amazing. Polite, genuine, honest and above and beyond in handling my case. Mike is SUPERIOR and we'll within my BUDGET at the time. In fact he was half the cist If 2 other firms I previously contacted.If you need to be represented hire Mike immediately. As you see with reading his reviews, level the playing field and get RESULTS. Mr. Sheehan is the MAN...
*Colorado does not certify lawyers as specialists in any field