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Denver DUID Attorney

What is your experience in handling CO DUI cases?

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I’ve been handling DUI cases since 2003

and I’ve handled thousands of DUI cases

of all shapes and sizes some involving

blood test results others involving

breath test results and some involving a

refusal to take a blood or a breath test

and in those cases involving a refusal

an attorney is going to want to be

looking at the justification that a

person might have for refusing a blood

or breath test and that of course

depends on all the facts and the

circumstances of a case in other cases

involving a blood or breath test an

attorney needs to make sure that those

tests were properly conducted that the

tools used to record those test results

were properly calibrated and we’re

functioning properly at the time of the

test and also that the police officer

who is administering those tests was

following proper police protocol not

taking any shortcuts these days just

about every DUI investigation is

captured on a police worn body camera so

that’s essential viewing for an attorney

handling these types of cases to really

take a very close and critical look at

what a police officer is doing to make

sure that that officer is doing things

by the book and crossing the t’s and

dotting the eyes in the way that these

investigations are supposed to be done


If I’m arrested for DUI in CO, will I lose my license?

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if a person is convicted of DUI in

Colorado that person is going to have 12

points assessed against his or her

driver’s license which is going to

trigger a driver’s license suspension

and similarly if a person refuses a

blood or breath test or takes a blood or

breath test and the result is above the

legal limit that person will be ordered

to appear for a hearing before the

Department of Revenue hearings Division

and at that point there will be a legal

dispute about whether that person’s

driving privileges should be revoked so

any experienced DUI attorney in Colorado

is going to also be experienced at

handling those Department of Revenue

hearings as well because they are a

companion piece to just about every DUI

case that’s filed in the state of




What defenses might be raised in CO DUI cases?

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in DUI cases an experienced attorney is

going to look to challenge the results

of a blood test or a breath test or in a

case where the test was refused by the

suspect there might be a good

justification for refusing the test so

an attorney is going to interview his

client look at all the facts and

circumstances of a case and put together

the best defense for that client in that


thank you


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