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Denver Habitual Traffic Offender Attorney

The Colorado Habitual Offender statute is the single most powerful weapon at the prosecution’s disposal when it comes to mandating prison sentences for the criminal defendant. When a defendant has been adjudicated a habitual criminal, the court presiding over that defendant’s case has no choice but to sentence that person to prison for either three or four times the maximum presumptive sentence for the charged offense. In many cases, if a person is convicted of habitual counts, that person will serve what amounts to a life sentence in prison. Simply put, the stakes are extremely in habitual cases. Not all criminal defense attorneys know how to try a habitual case. Over the course of his career, Mr. Sheehan, Habitual Offender Defense Attorney Denver, has handled hundreds of habitual cases, and understands the legal intricacies that go along with preparing and litigating these high stakes cases.

Denver Habitual Traffic Offender Attorney

Contact Mr. Sheehan, Criminal Lawyer Denver, today to discuss what defenses may be available in your Habitual Offender case. Michael Sheehan represents clients in Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas, or Jefferson County, and U.S. District Courts.

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