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If you’ve been accused of assault, it is necessary to understand what penalties you could be facing before you choose a plea deal versus going to trial. Assault accusations are very serious and can have serious repercussions, with lengthy prison sentences, hefty fines, as well as a criminal record.

Accusations of assault can come about for many different reasons. It could be as simple you verbally responding to a taunt from an aggressor who then claims you assaulted them, or engaging in a verbal argument and making threats to the other person can also lead to accusations. Also, just the act of touching another person in a way they consider threatening can bring on assault accusations.

The police are typically quick to make an arrest when allegations of assault occur simply to eliminate unnecessary danger immediately. However, there are two sides in these types of incidents. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire an experienced Denver assault attorney to defend your side.
An Experienced Denver Assault Attorney

A person charged with assault faces anything from probation to 32 years in prison. Among the important factors to consider are whether a weapon was used in an assault, and the extent of the alleged victim’s injuries.

Denver Assault Attorney

However, individuals charged with assault may have very strong defenses available to them, such as self-defense, defense of others, or defense of property. Contact Michael Sheehan, Denver assault attorney, today to discuss possible defenses to your assault charges.

We are prepared defend your case aggressively against state and federal criminal assault charges. This includes misdemeanor assault and felony aggravated assault charges. Contact Mr. Sheehan, Criminal Lawyer Denver, today to discuss what defenses may be available in your Assault and Battery case. Michael Sheehan represents clients throughout Denver and in U.S. District Courts.

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