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What possible defenses might be available in CO domestic violence cases?

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in domestic violence cases self-defense

is a common defense defense of others is

also a common defense and just as common

is the defense that the allegations

being made up from thin air and that

nothing actually happened and it’s just

a baseless allegation that’s uh based on

the alleged victim’s word essentially it

comes down to it he said she said type

of criminal case



What are the penalties for domestic violence in CO?

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the penalties for domestic violence are

are wide-ranging they could range from

probation on the low end to a lengthy

prison sentence on the high end it

depends on whether it’s a felony case or

a misdemeanor case it depends on whether

the person charged has any type of

criminal history and it depends on the

facts of the case


What is your experience in handling CO domestic violence cases?

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I’ve been handling domestic violence

cases since 2003 I’ve seen all different

shapes and sizes of domestic violence

cases no two cases are exactly the same

but an attorney who’s experienced

handling those types of cases does tend

to see patterns develop over time in

terms of the defenses that apply to

those cases


Denver Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence cases are unique in that police contact on a report of domestic violence typically results in someone getting arrested, regardless of the strength of the allegation. Unfortunately, victims usually have little say in whether charges are brought forth once police become involved. Regardless of who calls the police, once they have reason to believe that domestic violence may have occurred, someone will go to jail. Because of this, domestic violence cases often go to trial, with many resulting in acquittals.

When you’re charged with domestic violence, you need a Denver domestic violence attorney on your side immediately. It is essential that you contact an attorney to discuss the facts of your case, the relative strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, and the long lasting effects that a guilty plea to a domestic violence charge could bring.

Due to quick procedures in Colorado law, analysis and case investigations must begin as soon as possible. False accusations are common in domestic violence cases. Jealousy, custody battles and animosity can all provide motive to exaggerate and lie. Rarely are police able to accurately evaluate situations such as self-defense immediately on the scene, so they arrest first and ask the important questions later. It takes a highly-experienced Denver domestic violence attorney defend you and your story, and Michael Sheehan has all the tools necessary to successfully defend your case.

Denver Domestic Violence Attorney

Cases such as these can have a far-reaching impact on your life. Affecting everything from your parental rights to employment status, and can even strip you of your gun rights. Don’t allow yourself to get talked into simply accepting a plea bargain before you have your case analyzed by an experienced, professional Denver domestic violence attorney.

Contact Michael Sheehan, Denver domestic violence attorney, today to discuss what defenses may be available in your domestic violence case.

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